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Tips For a Speedy Propane Delivery


Its been a long hard winter. We have had a  “polar vortex party”, “propane shortage serenade”, “no electricity extravaganza”, and  we are now on to the  “unable to get up the driveway disco.”

We want to get your deliveries to you. On that note here are a few tips that will speed up our delivery process.

1. Plow those driveways. Our trucks are almost double the width of the average car, so we need a good 8-9 feet to ensure that our delivery trucks don’t get stuck.

2. Shovel or pat down a path to your tanks. Our drivers trudge through snow all day, but having a path makes the entire delivery process that much easier.

3. Mark those tanks with tiki torches, flags, cones, basically anything that’s bright enough for our drivers to see.

4. Shoveling around your fill pipe is greatly appreciated and will actually help keep your tank in tip top shape.

Finally, thank you for you concern and your dedication to our company. We know that our drivers appreciate it when you keep your driveways and your tanks clear for them!