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Propane Safety Tips for the Summer Season

This summer, make memories with friends and family both indoors and outside. From swimming to camping or RVing — propane helps fuel your fun! While making these fantastic experiences happen, staying safe is also essential.

We hope you enjoy every minute of the summer powered by clean-burning propane gas, but please keep these summer propane tips in mind to ensure you stay safe throughout the summer. 

Inside Your Home, Cabin, or RV

  • When cooking with gas, make sure everyone in your house knows how to turn off their propane supply. If there’s an emergency or leak and they need help, follow these simple steps: 
    • Vacate the area immediately 
    • Extinguish all open flames and smoking materials 
    • Turn off valves if it’s safe to do so 
    • Report the incident on your cell phone away from the area
  • It’s vital to review propane safety procedures with your family and advise everyone that a leak smells like rotten eggs. Ensure they know what to do if they detect this odor. 
  • Gas grills, portable generators, heaters, refillable propane cylinders, etc., are made specifically for outdoor use only. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and always store and transport these items upright.
  • Properly maintain your propane equipment. Professional propane services like Great Valley Propane can spot problems that could cause safety risks for your family, so ensure that your propane equipment is inspected and serviced annually.

Outdoor Propane Usage

  • Propane is a combustible gas that must be used with caution. It is important to keep your propane grill, space heater, or fire pit/fire table at least three feet away from all building openings and ten feet away from any air intake device. This will minimize the danger of propane vapor entering your home. 
  • Keep all propane-burning equipment like grills and gas heaters far away from combustible materials such as woodpiles, fences, garden equipment, vinyl siding, and any materials that emit combustible fumes (including paint and other finishing products).
  • It’s important to keep a working fire extinguisher available whenever propane products are used. 
  • If a storm is forecasted or bad weather is predicted:
    • Safely store and secure all propane-related equipment away from debris that may damage it
    • Ensure you have enough propane to last a week in the event of emergencies or anything that may prevent propane deliveries.
    • If a storm causes damage to any of your propane appliances and/or you shut down your gas supply, you should contact a licensed professional to restart your system.
  • Getting ready for outdoor grilling? First, read the manual and follow your gas grill manufacturer’s instructions. Smart propane grill safety tips include:
    • Always situate the grill in a safe location
    • Clean your propane grill and remove grease and burnt food before every usage
    • Keep your grill and tank upright, level, and away from flammables, including covered patios, overhangs, and outdoor furniture
    • Check for leaks at the beginning of each season, and every time you hook up a new propane tank
    • Keep the lid open when igniting, and don’t lean over the grill when lighting it; wait at least 15 minutes before relighting
    • Use barbecue utensils that are long-handled and insulated to avoid burns and flare-ups
    • Turn off the gas grill’s burner controls and the propane’s cylinder valve when you finish cooking

Propane Safety is Important to Us

At Great Valley Propane, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers who use and rely on us for their propane needs throughout the year. Summer days may be about having fun, but we’re always available to ensure that your tanks are full, our prices are competitive, and – most importantly – that our customers stay safe.

You must always have a qualified professional service technician like those at GVP to perform routine maintenance services and repairs to your propane tanks and related devices. Let one of our skilled propane experts perform a routine safety check on your home, tank, or propane-powered appliances before the cold weather comes our way.

Remember also, if you encounter any issues with your grill, fire pit, propane tank, or propane-powered appliances, contact us; we’re ready to help! We are available any time if you need to refill or replace your propane tank for your home, vacation property, business, or beyond.