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Propane Tanks

Out of Sight and Out of Mind​

The decision whether to have an above ground or underground tank installed is tough! While you do have to consider certain installation codes, the decision is mostly yours. 

When you think of a propane tank, you probably think of a big white capsule that takes up a large portion of your lawn. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Propane tanks can also be installed underground and out of the line of vision of all who drive past.

There’s so many interesting facts about underground tanks. Check them out below! 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Propane tanks buried underground are usually larger tanks and come in different sizes. Underground propane tanks can be used for many different applications and are typically used for homeowners or businesses wishing to run multiple appliances off a large tank. In addition, underground propane tanks are commonly found in both residential and commercial applications. Read on for a comprehensive guide to the pros and cons of underground propane tanks.


  • Appearance:
    Underground propane tanks are  landscape-friendly and won’t mess up your lawn’s appearance. At most, you’ll need to plant some new grass. Many homeowners find an above ground tank an eyesore that can potentially decrease your property values. The only thing you’ll have to get used to is a small “collar” sticking up in your yard and remember not to place anything on top of the area where the tank is.

  • Harsh Weather Is Not A Factor:
    An underground tank will deal with extreme temperatures much better than its above ground counterparts. Since there is earth and soil surrounding them, there is less chance of drastic weather changes affecting or disrupting your tank. Also, during the winter time, underground tanks will receive warmth from the earth.

  • Safety:
    Underground tanks are typically safer than above ground tanks because they are never exposed to any outside elements. They are also installed with anode bags to protect it from the natural electrical currents sent through the Earth. If for some reason there is a gas leak in an underground propane tank, the gas will remain in the soil underneath the ground, ensuring that the fuel will not harm the local soil or water.

  • Increases Home Value:
    Some homes will increase in value with the addition of an underground propane tank. More and more homes are seeing the benefit of switching to propane as a whole-home heating source. Also, underground propane tanks don’t provide an eye-sore for vehicles driving by.


  • More Expensive:
    The installation of an underground tank includes more upfront work and extra protective features to keep it safe from corrosion and contamination. However, when you choose to lease an underground propane tank from GVP and use it for whole-house heat or commercial heat, we’ll do the installation for free!

  • Floating Tank Problems:
    If your underground propane tank is in an area that is prone to flooding and is not installed correctly, your tank could end up floating underground. Unfortunately, the effects can be detrimental and include cracked tanks, broken tank straps, twisted and damaged supply lines, damage to your yard and landscaping.

  • May Lead To Unique Safety Challenges:
    While underground propane tanks have proven very safe to use over the years, they do bring some unique safety challenges. For example, detecting a leakage takes more effort than for above ground tanks. Secondly, natural pressures underground can make it warp over time. The good news is that regular inspection can help you identify such problems before they cause damage.


Delivery To Underground Propane Tanks

Delivering to underground propane tanks requires a little more knowledge of the consumer’s property.  With our experience and advanced technology system, we have no problem! Our drivers locate the underground tank by identifying the “collar” of the tank sticking out of the ground. They pull the hose up to the tank location, kneel down, open the collar to expose the fill pipe, and fill the tank. Because underground tanks are usually larger, you can expect the fill process to take a bit longer.

It’s important to have the collar clearly marked and cleared of all snow for our drivers during harsh weather. We do our best to clear the inside of the collar of all leaves, but drivers do appreciate it when customers lend a helping hand with this.


underground tank installation
tank install

Installation of Underground Propane Tanks

If you have decided that an underground propane tank is the right choice for your home or business, you should know what to expect when it comes to installing it.

After determining what size propane tank you need and what it will be used for, Great Valley Propane will take over. Here are the things we plan for: 

  • All propane tanks must meet certain NFPA 58 codes and be placed the required distance from windows, doors, ignition sources, and property lines.
  • The ground above the tank must remain open.
  • The hole must be deep enough to accommodate the tank, plus an additional foot of dirt on top of the tank to ensure proper insulation and compliance with code.
  • Anode bags are placed around the tank before it is put into place to protect it from the naturally occurring electrical current in the soil, known as electrolysis.
  • Propane lines will be run underground in trenches that are dug by our team and connected.
  • Great Valley Propane will rake and seed your yard to ensure your yard will return to how it looked prior to the install.
  • After completion, all new propane tanks will receive a pressure and leak check to make sure everything is in functioning order. 

Great Valley Propane knows all the local codes and regulations so you don’t have to worry!

Commercial Uses For Underground Propane Tanks

When it comes to your business, appeal and efficiency are two of the most important factors to consider. If you would like your company to benefit from everything propane has to offer but don’t want a big tank outside your building, then an underground tank is a perfect option for you. Underground propane tanks are hidden out of sight from your customers, so they will never know it’s there. In addition, burying a large underground propane tank at your business can help decrease the number of deliveries you receive and keep you running for longer periods of time. Businesses are all about being as efficient as possible with their money and services, so contact us today to let us help you!

Underground propane tanks are commonly found at golf courses, tennis courts, and many more businesses! 

tennis court underground tank

Common Sizes

Propane tanks that GVP commonly install below the ground can range from 320 gallon tanks to 1,990 gallon tanks. Below is some more details on the most common options for underground installation:



A 320-gallon tank holds about 256 gallons of propane when full. It is perfect for users who wish to bury their propane tank while still having suitable storage and don’t want a big 500-gallon tank in their yard. It is commonly used for residential hot water, generators, pool heaters, and heating smaller homes.



A 500-gallon underground propane tank is approved to hold 400 gallons of propane and is suitable for larger homes that rely on propane to power their appliances and their heating system. In addition, it is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized commercial applications. Homes and businesses choose this option when they want the tank out of sight and also might not have the room for a larger tank. 



A 1,000-gallon tank is approved to hold 800 gallons of propane when filled to capacity. Some large homes and businesses require multiple tanks of this size. 1000-gallon underground propane tanks are typically found in homes that use propane for their heating system and most of their appliances. 

Keep in mind, both the 500-gallon and 1,000-gallon tanks can be placed above ground as well. 



A 1,900-gallon tank holds about 1,592 gallons of propane when full. Commercial businesses love big tanks because it means less frequent fill-ups and more extended operating power! They are almost exclusively for commercial heating purposes but can be used when building out large complexes full of apartments, townhomes, or single-family homes.

Get An Underground Tank Installed With GVP!

Great Valley Propane installs hundreds of underground propane tanks for homes and businesses each year. 

Plus, WE DO IT FOR FREE if you use it as a main source of heat. 

Don’t wait any longer. Choose the company that thousands of homeowners and business already rely on!