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Payment Plans and Pricing Options

Options, Options, Options!

Budgeting for a home or business is complex. We all have a million other things we’d rather be doing, and bills seem to add up quickly. At Great Valley Propane, we believe in providing options to all our customers so that each household and business can choose what suits their lifestyle best. We offer a wide range of payment plans, including the ability to manage your payments online! We also offer pricing options for all our automatic delivery customers!

Payment Methods

In order to suit everyone’s’ lifestyle, we offer a wide range of payment method options. Check them out below!

Automatic Payments

Not only can you schedule automatic delivery, but you can also enroll in automatic payments! Our automated payment method is by far the most desired method for our customers to pay their bills. Enrolling in automatic payment is free and easy. 

Just link a valid credit or debit card to your account to have your bills paid immediately after each invoice hits your account and take advantage of the benefits:

  • Convenience
  • Credit card rewards
  • Avoid delivery holds
  • Prevent missed payments and late fees
  • Lessen your carbon footprint

Budget Plan​

Our unique budget plan option is growing in popularity and allows our customers to spread propane heating costs out over 11 monthly payments. The plan runs from August through June with one reconciliation month in July. Instead of racking up the majority of your bills during the cold winter months, take advantage of dividing your payments into even portions. We make it easy, so you know exactly what your payment is going to be each month.

We will always work with you to find the right payment amount and adjust the payments if necessary. This provides you with:

  • Smaller, more manageable bills
  • Even payments throughout the year for better budgeting
  • Automatic payments

Net 30 Days

Customers wishing to take a little more time with their bills can opt into this option as long as certain conditions are met. You can pay with card or check; however, be aware that late fees will apply if a bill is not paid before 30 days after the invoice date.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

The COD option enables customers to present a check at the time of a delivery or service to the driver/technician. If the customer prefers to use a credit or debit card, they will be charged a partial payment before the delivery, or the full amount upfront if the exact amount is known.  Special attention is required so bills aren’t missed.

Online Account Management

Access your account online, anywhere! Long gone are the days of wondering where your account stands and only being able to find out through a phone call. We know we all get busy with family, work, and other activities. That’s why we’ve created an online portal for you to:

  • Manage payments
  • Update contact information
  • See past deliveries and transactions
  • And more!

Simply register your account by clicking the “My Account” button on the top-right hand side of our website. Link your account by providing your account number, house number, and the email address that we have on file.

Pricing Options

Just like our payment plans, we like to add variety to what we do! The reason is because we value being different and providing our customers with options.

At Great Valley Propane, we pride ourselves on not only delivering the best level of service, but also the fairest pricing. Our team works as hard as possible to obtain the most competitive price offerings for customers no matter what you use propane for. Another way we beat our competition and bring the best to our customers is by offering no hazmat, safety, or additional delivery fees!

Variable Price Program

This plan fluctuates with the market price of propane and is offered to both automatic delivery and will call customers. Many consumers prefer this option as the market can be extremely tough to predict. Great Valley Propane does everything in our power to bring the fairest pricing to our customers every day.

Total Protection Program

Often referred to as the “CAP” plan, this Total Protection Program allows our automatic delivery customers to set a maximum price-per-gallon for all fuel used during the heating season (October-April). Additionally, the price automatically adjusts downwards if the market price is lower than the CAP price. There is usually a small cost to set the CAP price, but the fee is usually worth it given the volatility the winter heating season can sometimes bring.

Prepay Program

Pay once and never worry about another bill. If you’re an automatic delivery customer, you can purchase all your fuel for the season upfront and lock your price in for the remainder of the season or until the number of gallons you’ve reserved are used up, whichever comes first.

Choose What Works Best For You!

At Great Valley Propane, we work to ensure that every customer gets the best possible value from our service. That means delivering the most dependable, affordable and convenient service in the marketplace. It’s a promise we take very seriously! 

Additionally, giving our customers a choice in how they pay gives each induvial flexibility and peace of mind. Contact us today and let us show why so many of your neighbors choose the GVP Advantage!