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Will Call vs Automatic Delivery for Propane Gas–EV2pk

Are you evaluating your options of Will Call vs Automatic Delivery for propane gas? Learn about both delivery options offered by Great Valley Propane and the perks of automatic delivery.


When you choose a Full-Service propane provider like Great Valley Propane, you have lots of options for fuel delivery and payment to fit your budget and your lifestyle. In this video, I’ll explain our two delivery options, and then share the payment options available for each one.

For delivery options, we offer both Will Call and Automatic Delivery, but it isn’t a secret that most homeowners prefer automatic deliveries.

Automatic Deliveries are just what they sound like – we automatically schedule deliveries to ensure you never run out. This saves you time because you don’t need to monitor your own tank levels, and helps you avoid running out. We even factor in more frequent fill-ups during cold snaps, to keep your home warm.

We can do this because of the technology we’ve invested in for your comfort.

Our system updates all of our data every second, allowing us to track the fuel levels of our customers down to the gallon. “At-risk” tanks, or low fuel tanks, are automatically flagged by our system and placed at the top of our important deliveries board. Because all of our drivers have iPad’s, we can seamlessly add new deliveries to a driver’s route on the fly. We even track the distance our drivers go, the speed they drive at, and exactly where they are at in their routes. Our trucks are equipped with the newest technology to calculate exactly how much fuel our drivers are putting into a tank. And of course, we can see the exact number of gallons left in our drivers’ trucks to ensure all deliveries will be completed.

Will Call Delivery of Propane Gas

On the other hand, Will Call Delivery means extra work on your end. You’ll monitor your fuel tank levels yourself, and you call us to schedule a delivery. This gives you full control over your fill-up schedule, but it also means you’ll have to pay the current fuel rates, and they can spike pretty high throughout the colder months. Be careful to never forget to check your fuel levels for too long because your tank could run out. An empty fuel tank can be costly, because you may have to pay for a technician to bleed the line before you can use the furnace again. At a minimum, you’ll be without heat until you can get an oil delivery. So you’ll have to plan regular tank checks, especially during extreme cold.

If you want to remove To Do items from your list, or if you’ll worry about forgetting to check your tank, Will Call Delivery won’t be a good fit for you. We never want your home to get too cold in the winter, and that’s why our Automatic Delivery customers also receive several perks for signing up.

Automatic Delivery of Propane Gas

First, every Automatic Delivery customer is covered by our Constant Comfort Guarantee. We promise to never let you run out during the heating season, and we’re excited to be the first company to offer this in our industry. In fact, if we make an error and you do run out of fuel, we’ll give you a $50 credit on your account.

Perks of Automatic Delivery

All of our Automatic Delivery customers also have several Price Protection Options to choose from. Our options are designed to help you save money on fuel and achieve peace of mind that you’ll avoid any big fuel cost surprises this year.

Our Total Protection Program lets you avoid fuel price spikes during the cold season. This is our most popular plan because it sets a maximum price-per-gallon cost for all fuel used between October – April, plus the price will adjust downward if the price drops, giving you Total Protection no matter what happens to the price of fuel.

Our Prepay Program lets you pay once and never worry about another bill. Buy all of your fuel for the season upfront, even multiple tank fill-ups, at one fixed price per gallon. Until your prepaid gallons are all delivered, you’ll be locked into one fixed rate.

Our third Price Protection Option is the Variable Price Program. This plan fluctuates with the market price of fuel, but there are no minimum gallon requirements to participate.

Automatic Delivery Payment Options

Finally, our Automatic Delivery customers also have several Payment Options available to help make it easier to manage the cost of tank fill-ups.

Our Budget plan lets you budget better, by spreading your heating bills out over 11 fixed monthly payments. If you use more or less fuel than expected, we are always willing to work with you to adjust payments either way.

Our Automatic Payments are the most convenient payment option we offer. Your credit card will be charged automatically each time we fill up your tank, install new equipment, or call us in for maintenance services; and you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ll never have to pay a late fee.

Be sure you call Great Valley Propane at 610-251-2203 to get all the details on our delivery options, our Price Protection Options, and the Payment Options. We look forward to talking with you soon.