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Fueling Your Business

Keeping a business running is tough enough without adding the cost of heating. As fellow business owners, we understand the importance of finding ways to streamline operations and cut costs, but did you know that switching to propane is one of the best ways to do it? Propane is an efficient energy source, environmentally friendly, and can save your business thousands of dollars every year.

Propane has the highest BTUs of almost any fuel source, so you need less propane to heat the same area. And since propane is a certified clean fuel, you may qualify for tax incentives that reduce the cost of your propane.

Why Businesses Choose Great Valley Propane

We’re committed to your success and helping you find smarter ways to power your business. At Great Valley Propane, our goal is to provide you the best commercial propane service in our area and help you be more comfortable and profitable.

Businesses small and large face similar problems and Great Valley Propane provides the solutions:

  • Increasing Gross Profit
    Great Valley Propane brings the best pricing plans any propane company has to offer and has been working with businesses for over 15 years to cut back on costs. No matter the propane usage level, commercial businesses can count on Great Valley Propane to help save them money! From the tank installation to the delivery service, GVP has your back!

  • Forward Thinking
    One of the best benefits about Great Valley Propane is our ability to help you grow! As your business scales and grows larger, we can provide the necessary propane equipment and fuel to keep you running!

  • Knowledge of Regulations
    Businesses are constantly having to adapt to new government regulations and employee guidelines. You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about evolving propane regulations. Great Valley Propane has an experienced staff and is always on top of all propane regulations.

  • Customer Service
    Just like you, we put extreme emphasis on our customer service. Without our customers, we don’t exist. That’s why they come first. With Great Valley Propane, your experience is as easy as sitting back on a beach and having a nice cold drink. Every time you call us or need a job done, we’ll get it done the right way!

Businesses We Work With

Whether you use 200 gallons a year or 30,000 gallons a year to heat an entire building, we provide propane solutions for a wide variety of businesses. From small enterprises to large corporations, we can supply any size tank for any usage to suit your needs. Many businesses rely on our services, including:

  • Animal centers
  • Breweries
  • Churches
  • City transit fleets
  • Construction companies
  • Farms
  • Golf clubs
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Laboratories
  • Realty companies
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Sports complexes
  • And more!

Great Valley Propane is the premier propane provider in the area with a large and diverse customer base. We aim to fuel your business when and where you need it with unique and detailed proposals to fit your property, robust delivery options, and a variety of payment choices.

If your business uses propane or is looking to make the switch, contact us or continue reading to learn more about our commercial services and what they can do for your business.

Commercial Applications for Propane Gas

The number of uses for propane gas in commercial industries is nearly endless, from general heating applications and cooking to powering fleet vehicles and everything in between. Propane tanks come in all shapes and sizes and are offered in above ground and underground options. See the common uses of propane in commercial settings below:

Building Heat

Businesses small and large use propane as their main heating source and propane is clean, efficient, and produces large amounts of BTUs. Propane tanks can be easily added to properties for any size business.

Generators As Backup Power Supply

Propane generators are an efficient way to protect perishables and keep your business going through those unexpected power outages.

Kitchen Appliances

Whether it's for a company break room or a commercial production kitchen - propane appliances are a great way to prepare food.

Fuel For Your Fleets

With the fuel efficiency and cleanliness that propane offers, more and more commercial businesses are using it to power their fleet vehicles. You can count on Great Valley Propane to keep your fill stations full, so you can keep your vehicles moving.

Outdoor Lightning/Heating

Outdoor dining has become very popular given recent events with COVID-19. Businesses were able to stay open due to propane's ability to help them heat and light their seating areas.


Courts around the country rely on propane to heat their surface during cold months. No one can afford cancelling matches due to snow on the court. For example, tennis courts are very popular places to see propane heaters below the surface.

Reviews From Businesses We've Worked With

Daryl S. Tents For Rents

They have been great to work with while we install tanks at restaurants for heating outdoor dining tents.

Steve G. Cedar Hollow Inn

Great company to deal with. Always prompt on service and the pricing has always been the best in the area. When things were tough they donated propane to the local restaurants to help with outdoor heating. I cannot recommend GVP enough.

Michael V. Levante Brewing

Just switched to Great Valley Propane from a bigger national chain and the difference is night and day. The time from the first call to get a quote to installation of my new tanks with hook up was less than when I would wait for a simple call back from the national chain, if I ever got a call back. Great service all around. Auto pay and auto fill are getting set up, so that will be huge convenience. So far very pleased with Great Valley Propane.

Let Us Help Your Business

Great Valley Propane serves businesses of all kinds and helps them save money every year! In addition, we also partner with several businesses for marketing events, sponsorships, and cooperate events. Companies who partner with GVP don’t just get a supplier, they get a family. 

Do you think your business would be interested in better, more reliable service? Give us a call today!