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Propane Fact or Fiction – Get the Facts about the Environmental Benefits of Propane

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April 22 is Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate it than with eco-friendly propane! Did you know propane is a clean energy solution because propane is an environmentally friendly fuel? Energy use is a complex topic, and you have probably heard a lot of different things about fuels, so we’re here to lay out the facts about this awesome fuel.

The Facts about This Clean-Burning Fuel

When it comes to energy, no source is completely clean, but propane is one of the cleanest fuels available. Compared to other widely used fuels, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that propane offers one of the lowest carbon emissions!

You may be thinking that propane is a fossil fuel and fossil fuels are bad, but the truth is that fuels aren’t simply “clean” or “dirty”, or “good” or “bad”. It’s a good idea to think of fuels on a continuum, from ones that burn more dirtily, like coal, to those that burn more cleanly, like propane. Propane is not a greenhouse gas in its original form and sits close on the carbon continuum to renewable resources – which is why it’s designated as a clean energy alternative under the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

Propane is also extremely energy efficient when compared to other fuels. That’s because liquid propane produces a higher energy density than ethanol, methanol, and liquefied natural gas. That means, for example, that propane vehicles can go a farther distance on a tank of fuel than most other liquid alternative fuels. 

Fast Facts about Propane’s Eco-Friendly Features

According to, propane offers these great benefits to the environment!

  • 52% fewer greenhouse gas emissions when using propane compared to an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid
  • 99% fewer particulate matter (PM) emissions than diesel-powered port tractor applications
  • 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from residential propane furnaces than electric models.

While you may think that propane is limited to gas grills and backyards, this fuel is extremely versatile! It’s used in nearly 12 million households for residential purposes in addition to transportation, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. 

Order Propane from Great Valley Propane Today

Propane is an eco-friendly, versatile, and safe fuel. As a cleaning-burning energy source, Great Valley Propane is proud to supply propane to Pennsylvania. Get started with your propane order today by simply contacting us!