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Propane Delivery: Understanding Will-Call vs. Automatic Services

A large propane tank in front of a brick wall

At Great Valley Propane, we understand the importance of selecting the right propane gas delivery options for your unique home or commercial needs. 

To help you have a better understanding of our propane delivery options, we’ll take a closer look at our will-call and automatic propane delivery services. 

By highlighting and comparing the differences and benefits associated with each delivery option, we hope to provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to make an informed decision for your propane supply needs.

What is Will-Call Propane Delivery?

Quite simply, will-call propane delivery puts you in control of managing your propane levels. 

With this option, our customers take the initiative to monitor their tank levels and schedule deliveries as needed. It’s a flexible approach that allows you to tailor your home or commercial propane deliveries according to your consumption patterns and preferences.

The Benefits of Will-Call Propane Delivery Services

While there are many benefits of this delivery option, some of the most preferred are:

Greater Flexibility

Many customers prefer the will-call delivery option because it allows them to decide when their propane deliveries occur. This is preferred by many because it lets them align their deliveries  with such factors as their usage patterns and seasonal demands.

Optimal Cost Control 

By monitoring their tank levels, customers who choose this delivery option have a clear view of their unique propane expenses. This allows them to experience greater budgetary control.

Thanks to this increased awareness of your propane consumption, you’ll support better energy management and conservation practices. 

The Downside of Will-Call Deliveries 

While many enjoy the greater control that the will-call option provides, it’s important to point out that this delivery service demands more responsibility from the customer. Performing regular tank checks are essential in order to avoid running out of propane unexpectedly. 

If this happens it could lead to inconvenience, disruptions to business operations, or even an emergency situation during severe weather. 

This is why many customers prefer automatic propane delivery services. 

What is Automatic Propane Delivery? 

Unlike will-call deliveries, automatic propane delivery services place the responsibility on the supplier. 

Using advanced monitoring technology, suppliers track your propane usage and schedule timely deliveries without requiring your direct involvement. 

This hands-off approach ensures that you experience a consistent and uninterrupted propane supply.

The Benefits of Automatic Propane Delivery 

As with will-call delivery, this option offers several key advantages, including: 


First and foremost, automatic delivery services relieves customers of the burden of managing propane levels.

Since customers who choose this option do not have to manually monitor and schedule their propane deliveries, this option allows them to enjoy greater convenience. 


As levels are closely monitored by the provider, the customer’s risk of running out of propane is significantly reduced. This in turn ensures they have a steady supply of propane, especially during colder months.

The Downside of Automatic Propane Delivery 

While you’ll never encounter an empty propane tank, this delivery option is not the best option if you prefer greater control over your utilities and spending. 

Will-Call vs. Automatic Propane Delivery: Choosing the Right Option for You

Making an informed decision between will-call and automatic propane delivery depends on various factors that are unique to your needs and preferences. 

Before you make a final decision, you should consider the following factors: 

Propane Usage Patterns 

If your home or commercial propane consumption is fairly consistent, opting for automatic delivery services may be more suitable for your needs. 

If your usage varies considerably, then will-call offers you greater flexibility to meet your unique circumstances. 

Convenience and Control Preferences

Ask yourself how involved you want to be in managing your propane supply. 

A will-call option requires you to take a more active role in your propane deliveries, while automatic delivery offers a more passive, hands-free resource for your refills. 

Budget Considerations

Going with a will-call option allows you to budget more precisely, while an automatic delivery option provides greater peace of mind by ensuring you never experience unexpected propane outages.

The Great Valley Propane Advantage

As your trusted propane partner, Great Valley Propane offers both will-call and automatic delivery options. 

Our commitment to superlative customer satisfaction extends beyond reliable propane supply – it includes giving you the freedom to choose the service that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Some of the advantages our company offers you include: 

Our Experience and Expertise 

With years of industry experience, we have honed our propane delivery services to meet the diverse needs of our customers

Accurate and Reliable Usage Monitoring 

Our automatic delivery option utilizes innovative technology to ensure you enjoy timely and efficient propane deliveries that keep your home comfortably heated or your business operating without disruption. 

Customer-First Approach

We prioritize your satisfaction and convenience by offering personalized solutions that enhance your overall propane delivery experience.

Trust Your Propane Delivery Needs to Our Team 

Before you choose will-call or automatic propane delivery services, it’s important to consider the factors we discussed above. Doing so will help you make the most informed choice and eliminate any issues further down the road. 

Our team at Great Valley Propane strives to go beyond the conventional propane delivery services by offering you the flexibility and reliability you need for a seamless experience. 

Make the smart choice for your propane needs – choose Great Valley Propane.

Connect with us today to learn more about our propane delivery services!