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5 Reasons to Tune Up Your AC System

The weather has finally warmed up and we bet you are thinking ahead to summer (we are!). Cross one thing off your to-do list this Spring and make an appointment to clean and tune your AC Unit.

Here’s why…

You’ll save time
Proper maintenance on your car keeps your car running in top condition, so you should do the same with your heating and cooling equipment. Having our licensed technicians examine your AC unit before hot weather sets in will ensure your system is clean and working efficiently. When you tune up your AC system annually, you can stay on top of any issues that may arise with a more efficient AC system.

You’ll be ready for summer
Checking your system before the summer season starts is super-smart. Who wants to turn on their AC units on the first hot day in May and find that their systems are blowing warm air!? Beat the heat, don’t feel the heat- when you get your system tuned up in Spring, the summer will be a (cool) breeze.

You’ll save money
When your AC system is running at peak condition, now that it is tuned up, it will use less energy. That translates to a lower energy bill, giving you the savings. Plus, getting an annual tune up keeps you appraised of the condition of your equipment. And, if you have a Service Agreement with Haly / Great Valley Propane, your clean and tune is included!
Read more about our service agreements for all systems here.

You’ll reduce potential problems
It’s best to get your heating and cooling equipment inspected twice a year (once for heating, once for cooling) a year, keeping our technicians appraised of any issues that could arise. If there is a problem, we can fix it before it could escalate to a bigger problem- like no AC on a hot day! Many of our service calls in the spring and summer are from ‘no AC!’ because customers did not get their equipment tuned up and cleaned. Avoid being hot and irritable and having to pay for a no-AC service call with a free clean and tune. Even if it seems like your air conditioner is running fine, getting it tuned up wards off bigger problems.

You can choose your appointment time
Our busy times are summer and winter, making spring the perfect time for you to schedule your AC tune up. Our service department works tirelessly to pick the perfect time for our techs to come out to you, depending on emergency calls and availability.

Great Valley Propane and Haly Home Comfort is here for you always:

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