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Need AC, But No Ductwork? No Problem!

Great Valley Propane’s Sister Company Haly Home Comfort Has You Covered with Mini-Split (Ductless) Air Conditioning Systems

A Mini-Split/Ductless Air Conditioning System is a great option to consider if you don’t have any duct work. As we step into summer, we would like to let you know about a wonderful technology that could greatly increase your home’s comfort and value.

Many of our customers have installed a new, energy-efficient air conditioning system: the mini-split (or ductless) air conditioning system. Don’t avoid that one room in your house that always gets hotter than the rest during the summer…Consider this option to keep it cool.

Mini-split systems are comprised of one outdoor and one indoor unit that work together to cool your home. The unit is much smaller than a standard window air conditioner. It takes up less space and works to release cool air to a more concentrated area. The design allows for more precise zoning for your comfort needs. As a result, the system offers a more energy efficient way to cool your home.

Watch Phil explain how mini-splits work.

It’s a great option for rooms where no duct work is present. These mini-split systems offer a quick, more affordable option. They give you nearly the same comfort as central air conditioning at only half the cost!

Haly Home Comfort can provide you with the info to make a decision for your home regarding efficiency for all home comfort systems. In many cases, adding a ductless system can improve the value and overall comfort of your home. Our customer service representatives can answer questions and provide you with more details regarding this opportunity. Please email or call today at (610) 251-0342 for a free quote!