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Above Ground vs. Underground Propane Tanks

When searching for a new propane tank for homes or businesses, the decision whether to install an above ground or underground tank can be a difficult one. Your decision should be primarily based on your budget, space available, and personal preferences. It is essential to know the differences between an above ground and underground propane tank before making your decision.

What is an above ground propane tank?


Above ground tanks (AGT) are installed a few inches above the ground, and the feet are halted down to a cement pad or cinder blocks. This kind of tank is easily viewable by anyone on site. Above ground tanks are commonly installed along the back wall of a home but can be placed anywhere safety regulations allow. The tanks come in a variety of sizes that range from 20 lbs to 30,000 gallons!

What is an underground propane tank?


As the name suggests, an underground tank (UGT) is a tank that stores propane and is installed underground, so it is not visible unless you dig it up. The landscape will cover the surface and the only thing showing will be the “collar” of the tank. Underground propane tanks have more installation codes than above ground tanks and the installation process takes a bit longer. Underground propane tanks are a very popular option among homeowners and businesses!



We have broken down the advantages and disadvantages of both above ground propane tanks and underground propane tanks to help you decide which is the right option for you:

Above-Ground Tanks


  • Less Expensive – Above ground tanks are significantly less expensive to install
  • Easier Maintenance – They are much easier to maintain since you don’t have to dig up dirt or pavement every time you need to inspect the tank. The cleanup process is a lot easier as well.
  • Easier Inspection – Leaks or any unforeseen damage is a lot easier to detect from the naked eye since you do not have to dig a hole to see the tank
  • Speed of Installation – It takes significantly less time to install an above ground tank than an underground tank.
  • Sturdiness – and AGT is less likely to shift from their original position. A UGT can “float” underground if it is not installed on a sturdy foundation. Furthermore, if an AGT does shift, it is easier to detect it since the tank is easily viewable by those passing by.


  • Looks – Above ground tanks are not as aesthetically pleasing and can interfere with your home or yard design.
  • Susceptible to Damage – Above ground tanks are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, which makes them more prone to damage such as corrosion and dents.
  • Less Space– It may take up a lot more room in your yard that can be used for another purpose

Underground Tanks


  • Looks – Underground tanks are buried underground, so they can not ruin the design of your home or your yard.
  • Value – Underground tanks can raise the value of your home
  • Better for Extreme Weather Conditions – Underground tanks are less likely to have damage such as corrosion. They are surrounded by earth so that they can survive freezing temperatures better.
  • Safer – Underground tanks are safer if there is a propane leak since they are contained by the soil surrounding them.


  • Cost – Underground tanks are significantly more expensive to install. Since you have to dig a hole to install them, it takes technicians and a lot more effort and time to get the job done. Furthermore, only certain trained professionals are allowed to install underground tanks.
  • Maintenance – Underground tanks are much harder to maintain since you have to dig a hole every time you want to view and inspect the tank. The clean-up process after inspection is also lengthier.
  • Shifting – Underground tanks are more likely to change from their original position if not installed correctly.

Great Valley Propane Installs Long-Lasting Propane Tanks!


Great Valley Propane offers above ground and underground tank installations for your convenience. Our team of experts can inspect your property and help you decide which will be the right option for you. Whether you choose to purchase your tank or lease it, Great Valley Propane we solve all your propane needs!

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