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How To Read a Propane Tank Gauge

First, you’ll need to know the size of your propane tank. If you’re building or remodeling a home, your contractor and propane supplier can help you choose the appropriate size tank. Determining the tank size depends on how much propane you’ll use. The average size tank is 500 gallons, but you may need a larger or smaller one depending on the propane systems installed in and around your home.

Your service technician will typically provide a Propane 101 lesson: how your tank works, how to shut it off and how to read the gauge. Most propane tank gauges read from 5% to 90%. To determine how much fuel is in your propane tank, multiply the outage reading by the capacity of the tank. For example: a 500- gallon propane tank at 40% = 500 x 0.4 = 200 gallons remaining in the tank.

You’ll have the option of getting propane refills automatically or being a will-call customer. The propane delivery system is designed to be as flexible and convenient as possible, giving you peace of mind throughout the year.

Customers who use propane to fuel some but not all their home energy needs, such as appliances, fireplace inserts or pools, are generally will call customers.  Will call customers need to track their propane usage and call to schedule a delivery when needed. We remind will call customers to check the gauge regularly and be sure to call for a delivery when the tank is between 20% – 30%. This makes it more likely they will not run out of propane before the delivery is made.  We guarantee delivery to will call customers within two to three business days (weather permitting).

Customers who use propane for whole house heating qualify for automatic delivery. Our automatic delivery customers benefit from our Constant Comfort Guarantee, which is one of the first of its kind in our industry. It is our promise to stay on top of our automatic delivery customer’s delivery schedule and make sure they never run out of fuel during the heating season (October 1st thru April 30th). As evidence of our commitment, we will give you a $50 credit on your account if you do run out of fuel during the heating season.