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Summer Propane Uses

As we approach the official start of summer on June 22, get ready to make the most of the season with propane. With the appliances listed below, you can turn your backyard into the place to be for the summer.

Outdoor kitchen 

If you love to cook but wish you could keep the mess and pungent odors from lingering inside, why not install a propane-powered outdoor living space and kitchen. Propane appliances offer you more precise temperature control than electric appliances do, which means home-cooked meals will be tastier when made outside than when they are made inside with an electric oven. 


For backyard lighting, nothing beats using propane. Propane lamp posts give your yard a lovely glow rather than a harshly lit background. And unlike gas-powered lighting, there are no unsightly natural gas lines to ruin the ambiance.

Mosquito traps

Now that we’re 20 years into the new millennium, it’s time to update your method of getting rid of those annoying buggers. Toss the old mosquito sprays, get rid of the less than useful repellent candles, and buy a propane mosquito trap. Free your yard from those unwanted pests and do it with no noise and no odors.

Fire pit

Fire pits are the rage these days. And with so many uses and designs, including freestanding, dugout, metal and stone, you’ll have no trouble finding a pit that fits your lifestyle and budget. Along with that, propane fire pits are easier to use than wood-burning pits. Best of all, there are no ashes to clean up after burning wood logs.

Pool heater

For your pool, think about the idea of a propane-powered pool heater. Since propane is more energy-rich than natural gas, it will cost less to heat your pool. And if you’re concerned about the environment, propane is the more eco-friendly choice. Not only will you save energy, using propane will lessen your home’s carbon footprint.

Outdoor shower

What better way for swimmers to rinse off the chlorine following a dip in the pool without tracking water through your home than with an outdoor shower. And when you energize your outdoor shower with a tankless propane water heater, the savings reflected will be over 200 gallons of hot water per hour.

Patio heater

Lengthen your home’s outdoor patio season with a propane heater. These appliances come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and as freestanding or wall-mounted units. Some also include thermostats, blowers or both. And unlike electric-powered patio heaters, propane-powered heaters will continue working in the event a power outage occurs. In addition, propane-powered patio heaters produce fewer greenhouse gases than their fuel oil counterparts.