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What are the Differences Between an Above Ground and Underground Tank?

Since it’s buried, an Underground Tank is more aesthetically pleasing. Once the excavation area is landscaped, a UGT is out-of-sight. The only thing visible in the yard is a small dome used to refill the tank.  

What are the Pros and Cons of using an Above Ground Tank (AGT) vs. using an Underground Tank (UGT).

AGT Pros:


  • installing an AGT costs a lot less than installing a UGT
  • installing an AGT is faster
  • in the event of flooding, an AGT may be safer than a UGT because an AGT stands higher. AGTs stand a few inches off the ground and are bolted down at the feet.
  • Less susceptible than a UGT to “floating” or shifting under the ground if it’s not settled on a sturdy foundation.

AGT Cons:

  • Not attractive
  • Area needs to be landscaped
  • Exposed to all weather conditions which means an AGT is more susceptible to damage including dents, corrosion and puncture.
  • if located in an area prone to flooding, a UGT can float if the water rises above the propane level in the tank.

Underground Tank (UGT)

UGT Pros

  • easier for UGT to stay temperate in extreme weather, especially freezing cold, because its surrounded by earth
  • protected from corrosion
  • safer than an AGT in case of a propane leak because a gas leak would be more contained by the soil
  • may raise the value of your property

UGT Cons:

  • installation requires digging a hole in your yard. For example, the hole for a 500-gallon propane tank measures 11-ft. long x 4-ft. wide by 5-ft. deep. 
  • More susceptible to “floating” which means the tank could shift under the ground if it’s not settled on a sturdy foundation. (If positioned properly, it’s unlikely to move.)

UGT Short-term Con:

  • excavating your yard will cause the most damage, leaving a large area of dirt to be filled in.

UGT Long-term Pro: 

  • after landscaping with grass and shrubbery, your yard may look better than it did prior to the installation