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What Is Propane Used For?

For Your Vehicle

Propane has been widely used in vehicles around the world for decades. Using propane as a vehicle fuel increases energy security, provides convenience and performance benefits, and improves public health and the environment.

For Your Home

From water and home heating, to cooking and clothes drying, propane is better and more efficient than other energy sources


Propane furnaces offer best-in-class efficiency, with ratings from 90 to 98 percent, and will provide comfortable, even, and consistent heat during even the coldest weather.

Propane-powered boilers offer efficiency, space savings, and the versatility to provide space heating, water heating, and even snow melt.

Hot Water

Propane water heaters use less energy, cost less to operate, and have fewer emissions compared with electric models.


Fryers. Pasta cookers. Broilers. Pizza ovens. If there’s a job to do in the kitchen, propane can handle it. No need to sacrifice the style of your kitchen, either. Propane kitchen appliances offer modern designs, and a variety of sizes, to fit the biggest commercial kitchens, the smallest galley kitchens, and every size in between.

Drying Clothes

Propane clothes dryers offer homeowners an efficient, convenient, and quick laundry solution. Compared with electric dryers, a propane clothes dryer will dry clothes faster and more efficiently. Propane dryers also offer the latest innovations such as steam cycles to de-wrinkle and freshen garments, drum lights to better see into the unit, and LCD control screens for ease of use. With propane, “laundry day” goes by a lot faster.


Propane fireplaces produce more heat than traditional wood burning fireplaces, and they’re more energy efficient, too. Plus, with propane, you can enjoy a toasty fire at the flip of a switch, with no ash or soot to clean up, and no firewood to store.


Power outages are bound to happen, so whether you’re replacing an old generator or adding one for the first time, propane is the right fuel choice. There are generators for any size home, and one can power as much or as little of your home’s systems as you need.

Outdoor Living

Propane can power a full outdoor living space including kitchen appliances (grill, stove, refrigerator), fire pit/fire place, pool, spa and patio heaters as well as lighting.