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Lock-In & Fixed Rates


If you are shopping around, chances are you are unhappy with your current company’s service, price, timing, etc.  One question we get a lot from perspective shoppers is about our pricing programs. They ask us for the best rate and some ask for a “lock-in” or “fixed” price. This is when we’re happy to explain that we don’t offer lock-in or fixed rates, we offer something better.

Instead of locking our customers into one price throughout the year, we give our customers the option to sign up for our Total Protection Program. And you guessed it… it is exactly the way it sounds… total protection for you, whether the market price goes up or down.

Side Note: This program is sometimes also referred to as our cap program, because it essentially gives the customer a cap rate (aka cap price). If you are talking to one of our customer service representatives or sales reps about it, you may hear it referred to either way. Rest assured that these are both the same great program and we will make sure to take care of you either way it’s spelled out.

Now the Total Protection Program is one our favorite offers, because it helps give you the benefit of staying below one certain rate (your cap rate) and it also lets you save by getting a cheaper price if the market rate drops below the cap price. Instead of being locked into one price, you are guaranteed that you won’t go above one price but still get to drop with a dropping market if prices go down. It’s the best of both worlds and what we like to call a win-win.

How low can you go?

At Great Valley Propane, we guarantee that the price you pay will go as low as whatever our market rate is for the day. Unlike other companies, we have NO floor price, so you can get any price below your cap price, if the market drops that low.

How do you sign up?

Like any new automatic delivery customer, you must sign our automatic delivery agreement form. You can do this online via DocuSign. If it’s your first time signing up for automatic delivery, we will need your SSN to run a soft credit check. If your credit is approved and the paperwork is signed, we can set up your account appropriately for the pricing program.

There is a separate form to confirm that you want to be on the particular pricing program (The Total Protection Program) and this will be sent along with your auto delivery sign up. There is a fee to sign onto the Total Protection Program that we are charged from the fuel distributor. We do everything that we can to keep our prices low, but in order to make sure that we can get the fuel for you below that cost, this is the cost that the distributor gives to us. It’s a one-time payment that can help you save tremendously during the heating season.

As soon as you’re set up with the Total Protection Program, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about high fuel prices in the middle of the winter. Also, you’ll be happy knowing that we have been tracking your usage and won’t let you run out of fuel.

There are so many advantages to our Total Protection Program, it’s no wonder it’s our most popular option.

If you would like more information on this program or any other pricing, please give our office a call today.