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How to Tell if Your Propane Barbecue Tank is Expired

If you love to enjoy the Summer by grilling with your loved ones, then investing in a barbecue propane tank might be an excellent option for you. Standard propane barbecue tanks usually come in a 20 lb. size. Propane tanks are quality products built to last, but even the

most resilient tanks expire at some point.


How Long Can Your Propane Barbecue Tank Last?

Most barbecue propane tanks have a usable shelf life of 12 years and need to be recertified after that.

After a tank has been recertified, it can last you anywhere from 5-10 more years, depending on the kind of recertification that was done.

How to Check if Your Propane Barbecue Tank is Expired?

The easiest way to check your propane tank’s expiration is to look at the handle area or collar of the tank.

Those sections usually list the manufacture date or most recent recertification date for that propane tank.

The date will be listed as 4 numbers, the first two being the month and the last two being the year. 

Following the guidelines mentioned above, you would do the math to see how many years out from the manufacture or recertification date you are. That will tell you how soon your current propane tank will expire.


How to Check the Barbecue Propane Tank’s Recertification Date?

The certificate date of the tank is usually marked with a letter. 

The four letters A, B, C, and D correlate to the different quarters of the calendar year. 

For example, if the propane tank has A marked on it, it was recertified in January – March. Following the letter are two numbers that represent the year of the certification date.

What to do if Your Propane Tank is Expired?

If a propane tank is about to expire, you can either recertify or remove it from circulation. It would be best if you had a trained service technician assess the tank to determine the best option for your tank.

Department of Transportation Regulations:


The Department of Transportation (DOT) monitors the manufacturing of all propane tanks transported for the public’s safety.  They assess all barbecue-sized propane tanks to ensure the manufacturers followed safety protocols before being distributed.  It is because of DOT requirements that the propane barbecue tanks have to be recertified every 12 years. 

Furthermore, all barbecue propane tanks must be visually inspected during the recertification process to ensure they are still safe to refill.

All propane tanks are marked with a unique identification code. This allows propane dealers and the United States Department of Transportation to keep track of safety records for all propane tanks in use.

If you love to grill during the summertime, the last thing you want is to run out of propane in the middle of your barbecue and leave all your guests hungry.  We recommend having a backup propane tank at all times, just in case you run out.

Great Valley Provides Quality Tanks and Filling/Tank Exchange Service!

If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area, stop by Great Valley Propane’s Malvern office to have your barbecue tank refilled or exchanged. In need of

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