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Why Your Propane Tank Gauge Should Never Fall Below 20%

Letting your propane tank gauge fall below 20% can not only be uncomfortable for you and your family, but it can also be a safety hazard. 

As your propane level gets low, it is designed to emit a small propane smell. The smell can be equated to the smell of rotten eggs. The systems are designed this way to alert the homeowner or business owner that your tank is running low and it’s time for a refill!

With busy careers and family lives, checking the propane tank gauge is on the bottom of most American’s to-do list. However, neglecting your gauge can result in devastating consequences, so make sure to take action if you notice your gauge running low. 

Is it dangerous to run out of propane?

During the cold winter months, running out of propane can leave you with no heating for your home. You will not only be shivering and uncomfortable, but you are also running the risk of your pipes bursting or freezing. 

Propane becomes highly flammable when it is combined with oxygen. If gas lines are left open once the gas runs out, then refills can leak out. Moisture and air can also form rust in a nearly empty propane tank, which will make the tank weaker. Rust also eliminates any odor that comes with the propane tank so leaks can go undetected. 

If leaked gas vapor reaches an ignition source in your homes, such as smoking materials, electrical sparks, or unshielded flames, then a fire or explosion could occur. 

Running out of propane can lead to other potential problems around your house. If your home gets too cold while there is minimal propane left in the tank, the gas will not expand as much. This results in a lower pressure which can cause your propane-based appliances not to operate efficiently or safely.

What to do if your propane tank gauge is at 20% or lower?

First of all, do not panic. Call Great Valley Propane right away and schedule a propane delivery. Our team of experts will make sure we get propane delivered to your home safely and promptly.  

Unless you are below 10%, you have a few days before your propane runs out entirely. Reduce the amount of propane you use for a few days until delivery comes. Avoid letting your pilot lights go out and minimize your propane burning activities.  

If you have to burn alternative fuels while waiting for the propane delivery, shut off all propane valves. You will also want to ventilate your area thoroughly. Incomplete fuel burning can fill your air up with harmful carbon monoxide. 

Great Valley Propane Automatic Delivery Services

To avoid running out of propane in the future, you should sign up for Great Valley Propane’s Automatic Delivery System. With the Automatic Delivery system, we use state-of-the-art technology to track how much propane you are using. Our computer system also uses the current weather to predict the next time you will need propane delivered to your home. We put the date on our schedule to ensure you will never be low on propane again! 

Choose Great Valley Propane for Your Delivery Needs 

Great Valley Propane has a proven track record of being a reliable, safe, convenient, and affordable propane company. With no extra delivery or hazmat fees, GVP is the premier supplier in the area. We will deliver straight to your home, business, or job site.

Don’t wait any longer. Call us today at 610-251-2203 to schedule a delivery or sign up for our automatic delivery system!