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Why Your Propane Tank Gauge Should Never Fall Below 20%

Is your propane gauge at 20% or lower? That’s too low. Running out of propane means no heat in your home. Without heat, your home is uncomfortable and it may be unsafe, as well. In addition, your pipes could freeze and/or or burst. 

We know how busy people are. You’re working, taking care of your family, including taking kids to after-school activities, sitting down to enjoy a meal together and a host of other things to do. Given how overwhelmed you are, it’s easy to see how some things on your to-do list don’t get done. If one of those jobs that fails to get done is checking the gauge on your propane tank to see if it’s at 20% or lower, you could be setting yourself up for trouble.

During the winter you use more propane to keep your home warm. If your tank falls below 20 percent full and we get a sudden, deep freeze, you could run out of propane faster than you think.

Don’t worry. There are things we suggest you do so that you never run out of propane. First, call Great Valley Propane (GVP) to schedule a propane delivery. Members of our team will work with you so you get propane delivered to your home promptly and safely.

After that’s done, you can make sure this doesn’t happen again by signing up for Automatic Delivery. With Automatic Delivery, we use our state-of-the-art computer system to track your propane usage alongside the current weather to accurately predict when you will need your next delivery and put it on the schedule. 

If you use propane in your home, you need a reliable propane provider. has a track record of safe and dependable propane delivery to homes, business and farms in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. Just check out all our reviews to see what our hundreds of happy customers have to say!