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Can I Paint My Propane Tank?

If you love redesigning your home to make it aesthetically pleasing, then you might be very tempted to paint the propane tank you have at your house. Painting your propane tank can be tricky but worth it if you follow the guidelines.

Is It Legal to Paint a Propane Tank?

Yes, it is legal to paint your propane tank. It’s important to remember that you can only paint propane tanks that you own. You are not allowed to paint a propane tank that you are leasing from a propane company.

Is It Safe To Paint a Propane Tank?

Yes, it is safe to paint your propane tank. However, you can only use specific colors and paint if you do not want to risk the safety of you and other residents in your home.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 58:

The NFPA 58 is a handbook featuring Liquified Petroleum Gas Code that lists guidelines for safely handling, storing, and transporting LP-Gas. The policies listed in the NFPA 58 are intended to minimize risk and ensure a safe installation process. Not following NFPA 58 guidelines could result in failed installations, gas leakage, and possible explosions and fires.

According to the NFPA 58, you can only paint your propane tank with a heat reflection color such as white, light gray, silver, or other lighter colors. A propane tank being held in a frigid climate is the exception to that rule. If you paint your propane tank a darker color, you are running the risk of the tank absorbing heat and causing the gas to expand. This can cause the safety valve to open, and gas can be released from the propane tank. Gas leakage can lead to life-threatening situations such as fires.

At Great Valley Propane, we always put your safety first. Our above ground propane tanks are a classic white color that will not only keep your family safe but can also match with any color palette you have going on in your home.

What Kind of Paint Should You Use for Your Propane Tank?

There are various options to choose from when selecting what kind of paint to use for your propane tank. You can use rust-inhibiting metal paint, paint rollers, or spray paint to paint your propane tank. You should use whichever paint you are the most comfortable and experienced using so you can be happy with the final product.

There are different kinds of paints specially made for propane tanks. You can usually purchase these kinds of paints at your local hardware store.

Things to be Aware of Before You Start Painting Away:


To get the best paint job done, you should keep the following tips in mind:

1) Remove any rust- Wipe any rust off the surface of your tank using sandpaper or a wire brush before you start painting.

2) Wash your tank – Once you have a smooth surface (eliminating all the rust), use dish detergent and water to remove any grease from the tank. Finish off by rinsing it with clean water.

3) Use painter’s tape – There are certain areas of the propane tank that you should not paint, like the data tag area. Use painter’s tape over and around these areas to avoid getting paint on there.

Now comes the fun part, which is painting your tank! Make sure you wash your propane tank regularly after painting it to keep it looking shiny and beautiful.

Great Valley Provides Long-lasting Tanks and Service!

The propane tanks at Great Valley Propane are made of high-quality steel with a unique coat to prevent damage. Furthermore, our team of experts always puts the customer’s safety first and will guide you through all your propane needs.

Looking to add a propane tank to your home or business? Don’t wait any longer. Call us today at 610-251-2203 to get your propane tank delivered and installed at your home or business!