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Home Buyers Look for This Feature Most Always

happy new homeownersWe spend a lot of time perusing Home & Garden sites, and as an employee of a propane company, I KNOW what is super important in a home to be comfortable and safe. It’s not just that third bedroom…

…it’s a good HVAC system. Think about it – you want to be comfortable in your home. You don’t want mold in your AC or a super-humid house.

Seen in an article on Apartment Therapy, it pulls from a new survey from, pointing out a central heating and air conditioning system is the most essential home amenities for both renters and homeowners.
(And our sister company Haly Home Comfort quite agrees!)

The online survey asked 1,000 people which home amenities were non-negotiable and how much they were willing to spend. For those buying a home, 82% rated HVAC as the most essential need. Though central air and heating were the most important to both renters and buyers, the other necessities were added to the mix.

Here at Haly, we hear this daily- a solid energy-efficient system is one of the most important house necessities you can have, one that keeps your house free of mold by our technician-installed UV lights, plus annual clean & tunes to run your systems more efficiently, and top-of-the-line thermostats and equipment.

So when you are out shopping for a home- make sure you ask about the HVAC system. Has it been cleaned annually? Is it a new system? Will it need to be replaced, and also…what kind of system exists in the house? Perhaps the previous owners were fine with AC window units, yet you may have a new baby or allergies where an optimally-tuned HVAC system is key to your home comfort.

Test out the system and run it for a few minutes- does it have an odd smell? Does the air feel damp or clammy? There’s several options for good systems in your house, so make sure you work with a company you trust, and one that discusses any work that needs to be done before any repairs or installs begin (like our techs and project managers).

Read the whole AT article here. For an updated system or get a quote, Haly Home Comfort, our sister company, is happy to help! Email us here or call 610-251-0342.