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How To Save Money On Your Propane Heating Bill

Each summer we have ways to keep your propane costs down for the upcoming season and this year we hope you give them a try! After last winter every little discount truly adds up. And we have some great oil discounts this summer for you to take advantage of starting in JULY 2014.

Automatic Delivery. This is the best way to guarantee that you receive a delivery. When you sign a contract with us, we guarantee that your tank will never go empty and if it EVER does we pay you $50. Although, we try not to let this happen because we hate to keep you in the cold. If you’re not signed up for automatic delivery, try it this year! Signing up is FREE and it guarantees that you NEVER have to pay a same day delivery fee during the winter.

Prepay. Buying your propane in bulk during the summer months is the best way to keep your fuel costs down. Typically, prices skyrocket during the winter months when there’s a high demand for propane. Avoid these price rises by purchasing propane this summer. Plus, with automatic delivery, we’ll do the work for you. You know how much you’ll be paying for each gallon and we’ll keep your tank full.

Clean and Tune. Service your boiler or furnace. Keeping those machines in working order keeps your machines running at their most efficient levels meaning your home will be warmer without stressing the machine to do so.

New Equipment. If you unit is over 15 years old consider replacing it. This summer our 0% interest and NO PAYMENTS for 12 months promotion is just beginning. If you think your heater is just hanging on, now is the perfect time to replace it. You don’t want us there in winter replacing your unit when you need your heat on.

All of these preventative measures will ensure that your winter will lower your costs and lower the stress of keeping your home warm. We know that this is a huge responsibility and we hope that we can help you handle the burden.