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Great Valley Propane Heating Services

From our team to your door.

Our service team builds lasting relationships with our customers, and makes recommendations for your home based on experience. If you call us with a service-related question, we will forward you to our sister company, Haly Home Comfort’s Service Team that specializes in all different kinds of heating and cooling equipment.

Our technicians deserve an A+ for their knowledge and reliability. We’re confident you’ll agree. They’ll maintain and repair your propane equipment with the best level of attention possible. They’ll assess every situation and diagnose every problem carefully and with insight. All in all, you get the quickest and most economical solution possible.

Before calling to schedule a repair, do a quick check on the following:

  • Make sure emergency switches are turned on
  • Make sure circuit breaker has been reset
  • Your thermostats should be set to heat mode, and high enough to call for heat
  • Boiler water level and pressure are set at proper levels


Maintenance and Repair

Our service team works around the clock for you, because they know the job is never done. Keeping your family warm and protected is a full-time commitment, and we’re happy to be there.

Commercial Solutions

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Our close-knit family values don’t stop with home service. We happily apply the same principles and commitment to businesses in the area. Our team of service professionals is here to help you out with all your company’s heating needs.

How We Keep Business Hot:
Did you know we also supply restaurants? It’s possible that your favorite pizza place or steakhouse relies on Great Valley Propane!

Like to Build Things?
If so, we want to lend a hand, too! Great Valley Propane works with many local builders on new construction projects, from a single dwelling to a new development of 200+ homes.

Installs & Removals

For years, we’ve partnered with more-than-reliable brands to get the job done right.  Come to Great Valley Propane to ensure that you are working with companies that offer you the best-in-class equipment for all your home propane needs. And rest assured that the install or removal will be done flawlessly by our certified propane crew. Give us a call if you are interested in scheduling an installation or removal, or even if you are just thinking about it. We can help answer any questions you might have, so you will feel confident in your decision.

Propane Tanks – Above/Underground

Great Valley Propane offers aboveground and underground tank installations. If you use propane for a few options, or even plan to increase your usage, an underground plan might be right for you.

Our experts will take a look around your property to help you come up with an informed decision. They’ll see through the entire project, from start to finish.


A good propane tank should last 10-20 years. When the time comes, our team will be there to safely and completely remove your current tank and replace it with a new one. But don’t wait until the cold creeps in—call us to schedule an appointment ahead of the game.

Honeywell Automatic Standby Generators

Introduce your home to the newest and most innovative automatic backup generator in the marketplace. With the release of various air-cooled units, the system now includes several more units in different capacities, to fit all your needs. When you choose the right generator, you get:

Top-of-the-industry Customer Care, 24/7
You might have an agenda, but storms don’t. That’s why our team works around the clock to provide you with any emergency service needs.

Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring Device
See how well your generator is working, no matter where you are. Track its performance from a computer, smartphone, or mobile device.

The Choice is Yours
Honeywell generators offer both automatic and portable models.

Great Valley Propane offers aboveground and underground tank installations. If you use propane for a few options, or even plan to increase your usage, an underground plan might be right for you.

Carrier Propane-Fired Heating Systems

Think of your furnace as the heart of the home. When you install a propane-fired furnace in your home, you’ll see just how efficient it is. Plus, it provides constant air circulation to make your comfort top priority.

  • Choose from a range of fuel-efficient furnaces for your home
  • Infinity® 98 Modulating gas furnace with Greenspeed™ intelligence is comfort and efficiency combined
  • With Carrier you can rest assured that you’ll get quality, performance, and responsibility.


Heating Equipment

Great Valley Propane offers aboveground and underground tank installations and also sells and installs propane equipment. If you use propane for a few options, or even plan to increase your usage, an underground tank might be right for you. If you are interested in converting to propane and need propane equipment installed, or just looking to update an old system, we can help. Give us a call to talk to someone who specializes in propane heating equipment. We can walk you through each step of the process, to make heating your home a breeze.

Bradford White Hot Water Heaters

For over 100 years, Bradford White has been a leader in providing the Philadelphia area water heating and space heating products. Today, this locally-based company offers multiple styles to suit your specific propane needs, including atmospheric vent, power-direct vent, power vent, direct vent, point-of-use, storage, and tankless models. Our technicians can help you choose the water heater that’s right for your home.

Making the Switch to Propane – It Makes Sense

Did you know? Every time you replace an electric appliance with propane a one, you could save at least 50% on the energy you use to run it.

We mean it when we say switching to propane makes perfect sense. Propane is more affordable, better for the environment, and easier to install. Not to mention, it’s well suited for many needs.

The best part is, when you make the conversion with the Haly Companies, heating oil pumped from the existing oil tank will be metered and credited gallon for gallon for propane – something you won’t get anywhere else.


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