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Common Propane Uses

Propane is an extremely versatile form of gas which makes it a useful and popular heating source for many homes and business owners.  With the vast number of propane tank sizes available, propane can be used for almost anything! Here are some of the most common uses for propane. 



Propane has been used as the fuel source for vehicles around the world for years.  The benefits of choosing propane for your vehicle include improvement in energy security, helping improve the environment, convenience, and overall improvement in performance for your car. Thousands of trucks, taxis, school buses, police cars, landscaping equipment, and more use propane as their primary fuel source. Plus, propane is less expensive! 

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Heating is perhaps one of the most significant and common uses for propane.  Propane furnaces are known to be highly efficient and can provide consistent and comfortable heating, even in the coldest temperatures. Propane-powered boilers will allow you to save space as they are not as large as other pieces of equipment or other fuel sources. Propane boilers are also versatile as they not only can heat the space you live in, but can heat water as well.



Propane is commonly utilized by those who love to cook.  You can heat anything from pizza ovens, broilers, paste cookers, to fryers using propane.  Kitchen appliances utilizing propane are sold in various sizes and designs.  Whether you have a large commercial kitchen for your restaurant or simply want a kitchen appliance for your small apartment kitchen, there will be a propane tank available to match your needs. 

Hot Water:

As mentioned earlier, propane can also be used to heat water.  Propane water heaters include many advantages such as using less energy, releasing fewer emissions (in comparison to electric water heaters), and lower cost of operation.

Drying Clothes:


If you have a large household where doing laundry takes up a large portion of your day, then investing in a propane clothes dryer might be an excellent option for you.  Propane dryers are able to dry clothes more efficiently and quickly than traditional electric dryers can.  Propane dryers also come equipped with modern technology such as steam cycles that will freshen and de-wrinkle garments while drying.  Many propane dryers also include drum lights that allow you to see the unit better.  There is an LCD control screen that the user can easily utilize to switch the settings.  



Propane can be used to light up fireplaces.  They actually produce more heat than traditional wood burning fireplaces.  They use less energy and are better for the environment.  Furthermore, propane fireplaces can often be turned on with the flip of a switch making them a lot more convenient to use.  Propane fireplaces are also a lot easier to clean up since there is no soot or dirty ashes left behind. 



Propane generators are also excellent in times of emergencies.  Power outages are inevitable, especially if you live in an area that faces lots of thunderstorms.  Propane generators are available in different sizes so you should easily be able to find one that matches the size of your household needs.

Outdoor Living:


Propane can be an excellent fuel source for various outdoor activities in general.  You can use propane to grill, in an outside fire pit, or for heating patios. Propane is also an incredible fuel source for heating pools!

Temporary Heating:


If you work with a construction company, you’ve most likely experienced the grueling task of building in the cold. Job sites often go unheated or heated poorly. With propane, you can set up small or large propane tanks with gas convection can heaters to properly heat a job site. The best part? It’s portable. Pick up and move the heater as you move throughout the site. 

Auxiliary Heating:


Auxiliary heatings is defined as the secondary heating source for the various heat machines or pumps used during the Winter. When the temperature gets cold and more heat is needed to fill up a certain room, the auxiliary heating source can help heat that source up faster. You can also use propane based small space heaters or garage heaters to heat up an area faster or if you only want heating for that specific area. 

Pool Heaters:


There are several advantages that come with choosing a propane-based pool heater. Propane based heaters can heat up pools quicker than traditional, electric heat pumps. Also, propane-based heaters can heat your pool even on the colder days. Heat pumps require humid and hot temperatures so they can transfer that energy from the air to the pool. Therefore, they might not heat up your pool as fast on the days when you need it the most. Truly, you can not lose by choosing propane as the source for your swimming pool heating.

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While propane presents a lot of options and solutions for homes and businesses, Great Valley Propane is here to help you with those choices! GVP has been delivering propane and installing tanks since 2006 and is known as The Friendliest Propane Delivery Around.

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