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Summer Propane Uses

Propane is the most versatile fuel source available. Not only does propane provide homeowners and businesses with the ability to heat their furnaces, boilers, and water heaters, but it also can be used year round for other purposes. Propane has so many different ways of enhancing users’ lives and using propane in the Summer opens up many doors for users. From family cookouts to other fun activities, the Summer propane uses are plentiful. 

Propane for Pool Heaters

Time to put your bathing suit on and jump in the swimming pool! A propane-powered pool heater offers several advantages over traditional pool heaters. Natural gas is less energy-rich than propane, so it costs more than propane to heat up your swimming pool. Also, propane will help you save the environment because it is the more eco-friendly option. You will save energy, reduce costs, and also minimize your home’s carbon footprint by switching to propane pool heating. 

Propane for Outdoor Lighting 

Propane is great for lighting up your backyard for summer parties. Lamp posts that use propane lights offer lovely glow instead of a harsh, strong light that might bother you. Propane lighting also does not have any visible natural gas lines to ruin the theme of the party. You can drink, eat, and dance the night away under a nice, radiant glow. 

Propane for Cooking Outdoors

Outdoor Kitchen


You can use propane to install a propane-powered outdoor kitchen and living area. This will help you keep the mess that comes with cooking outside. Strong odors of ingredients are also less likely to linger around since there is more ventilation. Propane devices feature more precise temperature control in comparison to electrical devices. This usually leads to tastier, home-cooked meals than if they were made inside an electric oven indoors.


Grilling with a small propane tank is very easy and convenient.  Propane-based grilling is so popular among Americans because of all the benefits it offers over traditional grilling.  Propane grilling is more convenient because it can light much quicker and reaches high cooking temperatures quickly. Also there is no lighter fluid mess or ash clean up to deal with. Propane grilling is also healthier. Charcoal briquettes contain harmful chemicals that can find their way into your food if you are not careful. A major reason why many professional cooks love propane grills is because they offer precise heat control. You can control your cooking temperatures within a few degrees.

Refilling propane tanks is also very easy. You just have to take it to your local refilling station. Great Valley Propane has a refilling station located right in Malvern for your convenience. 

Propane for Fire Pits 


There’s nothing like enjoying some s’mores while sitting in a circle and enjoying a bonfire.  Propane fire pits have gained popularity in recent years for their ease of use. Unlike wood-burning fire pits, there are no ashes to clean up when you are done using the propane fire pit. There are various designs and styles to choose from such as stone, metal, dugout, and freestanding propane fire pits. Whether you want a modern, classy, or traditional theme; there is a propane fire pit available to match your needs! 

Propane for Mosquito Traps

The last thing you and your family want is for your skin to be all red and for you to keep itching yourself during the work/school day from all of the mosquito bites. Propane mosquito traps are absolutely wonderful for killing mosquitoes.  Most people still resort to old, traditional methods such as other kinds of mosquito sprays that do not work as well. Propane mosquito traps are not noisy and have no odors so the environment will not be disrupted.  

Propane for Backup Power


In the event of a power outage or severe thunderstorm, it is always a good idea to have backup power available. Propane is an excellent source to fuel generators as well. If you are deciding how to fuel your generator, Propane offers several advantages over other fuel sources. In the case of a power outage, your local gas station might also have no electricity so their gas pumps will not work. In that case, having a gas-powered generator will be pointless if you need gas for your generator.  On the other hand, propane is often readily available in gas stations in tanks. If you use propane for other appliances in your home, you can always use that propane to fuel your generator as well.  All you have to do is run new lines to connect the propane to the generator.  You can call Great Valley Propane and our team of experts will be happy to help you connect your lines.  Propane generators also burn less carbon monoxide than gas generators so they create less pollutants in your home.

Propane for Outdoor Showers

If you are a regular swimmer, you know how important it is to rinse off the chlorine after you are done swimming. Instead of leaving a messy trail of wet water all the way to your inside bathroom, why not just install an outdoor shower?  You can save over 200 gallons of hot water per hour by energizing your outdoor shower with a tankless propane water heater. 

Propane for Gardening


If you love to garden and keep your lawn looking pretty, then propane can be a handy source for you. Propane is used to fuel various outdoor gardening tools such as leaf blowers, mowers, and trimmers.  Propane powered leaf blowers emit significantly less carcinogens and hydrocarbons than lead blowers powered by other sources, making them better for your health and the environment! In addition, propane lawn mowers also have several advantages over gas mowers. Mowers that run on propane are more efficient and can last longer between fill ups. Furthermore, propane also costs less than gasoline making it the more affordable option!  

Great Valley Propane Delivers and Supplies Tanks Year Round!

If you need a propane tank for your new home, Great Valley Propane offers high-quality propane tanks with built-in safety features. We deliver propane to all kinds of tanks year round so we can meet your needs, no matter the season! We also install tanks year round for the smallest of users to the biggest of users. No one wants to spoil a pool party by running out of propane. Our automatic delivery option ensures that you won’t run out of propane, even in the hot Summer heat. 

Ready to enjoy the summer with your new propane appliance?

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