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8 To-Dos When Buying A Propane-Heated Home

So you just bought a propane-heated home but know nothing about heating a home using propane? Do not worry! We have outlined the top tips for new owners with propane heating systems.

1. Ask Who Owns The Tank

Some homes own their propane tank outright, while others rent it from a fuel company. Owning your tank requires keeping up with the maintenance needed for a well-functioning tank and being responsible for future potential service work required. If you decide to lease your tank from the company, the company takes responsibility for any problems with the tank. When a company owns a tank, make sure to ask about the rental agreement. Also, do your research on which companies are upfront about costs and try to sneak hidden fees in. It’s a good idea to know the differences between owning and leasing a propane tank.

2. Obtain Propane Tank Maintenance Records

Like anything in life, things that are important need a little love and attention. Ask the previous owners for evidence that the tank and the heating equipment have been regularly serviced to ensure they work at peak efficiency. If sufficient records cannot be found, call a trusted propane company to have the tank and equipment inspected.

3. Maintain Your Tank!

Let’s assume the previous owners could give you records regarding maintenance history and fine tune-ups of the residential propane heating system. If the tank looks properly maintained, consider mimicking the previous owner’s routine.

If the tank looks a little shabby, you can polish it up by removing the rust. A wire scrub is perfect for removing rust. You can also paint the tank to make it look appealing. According to NFPA 58 Liquified Petroleum Gas Code, a propane tank must be painted reflective colors because dark colors can absorb heat and pose a safety hazard by expanding gas. Remember, you can only paint a propane tank if you own it!

4. Ask What The Propane Is Being Used For

Propane is a versatile fuel and can be used for many different applications. It is most commonly used as the primary heat source for homes and can also be used to run appliances, stoves, barbeques, pools, water heaters, dryers, and much more! Make sure you’re aware of the propane consumption the house typically has, and consider upgrading certain parts of the property that might not run off propane. Propane heating systems can be used for several different purposes.

5. Install Detectors In Your Home


Some American states require carbon monoxide detectors to be installed in houses that use propane as their fuel. Even if your state does not require one, we recommend installing detectors for your and your family’s safety. It is a good idea to install the sensors on the floor and near areas where people sleep. Carbon monoxide has no odor or color, so alarming levels can quickly go undetected if there is no detector in place for the home propane heating system. Also, you should regularly check the batteries of your sensor to make sure it is working correctly.

6. Know Where the Underground Gas Lines Are Located:

Propane heating systems for homes include underground gas lines. Knowing the location of these gas lines is essential if you decide to renovate your home later. The previous owners of the house should have this information.

7. Get Acquainted With The Smell Of Propane

First-time propane users should be able to identify the smell of propane. While leaks are rare, it is essential to be informed and prepared. Propane tanks are carefully instructed to meet many codes to ensure the safety of their users. However, running out of propane can emit a propane smell that can be unpleasant to a first-timer. Therefore, it is essential to sign up with a trusted propane company that ensures your safety and that you will never run out of propane! Look for a company with lots of experience and good reviews.

8. Select a Reliable Propane Supplier

Selecting a reputable propane supplier is probably one of the most important steps in owning or leasing your propane tank. When searching for the best propane supplier, here are some of the top qualities to look for :

  • Fast and efficient customer service – A good propane company always puts their customers first!
  • Quick delivery and service times
  • Offers automatic delivery services
  • Has the capabilities to perform future installations for your family
  • Offers various payment plans to fit each family’s needs
  • Upfront pricing and costs. Stay away from companies who try to sneak in hidden fees.
  • Experienced staff & technicians who have seen every kind of situation

Great Valley Propane is Here to Help!

Caring for your home’s heating source can be a challenge if you don’t have the right people on your side. When you partner with a company like Great Valley Propane, you don’t have to sweat the details. Great Valley Propane is the premier provider of propane gas and propane tank installations/removals in PA and MD.

Since 2006, Great Valley Propane has been family-owned and operated, offering the highest quality service to thousands of homeowners in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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