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Switching to Propane? All About a Propane Conversion

Your home’s heating system is essential to your family’s comfort and safety. While making a change can be daunting, switching your appliances and/or your entire home to propane is one of the best choices you can make. The switch from other sources of fuel to propane has gained wide popularity in recent years due to the many advantages that propane offers. Below you’ll find an outline of some of the biggest advantages a propane conversion has to offer, how it compares to other fuels, what the switching process looks like, and more!


Benefits of Propane: 

Did you know that switching to a propane heated home can raise your home value up to 4% according to the National Association of Home Builders? Check out the other benefits below:



Propane has an advantage over electricity when it comes to reliability. Electric heating can be dependent on the weather. This can be a problem if you live in an area where there are lots of thunder or ice storms. Weather storms can often cause tree branches to fall down bringing down the power lines. Without power, you have no way to heat your home. You have to sit without electricity or heating until the local maintenance crews are able to make the necessary repairs. 

You can eliminate this headache by switching to propane as your heating source. Propane comes in stored tanks that work regardless of the weather. Furthermore, if you choose the regular autofill option, you will never have to worry about running out of propane or your heat getting shut down. GVP’s automatic delivery system uses innovative technology to calculate exactly when each customer is due for their propane refill. 



Overly cold temperatures can be life-threatening so you do not want to risk being out of heat for too long. Propane’s reliability during any weather also makes it an extremely safe option for your home heating. Also, propane is a non-toxic and non-poisonous fuel making it a safe and healthy option for both the soil and groundwater. If you are located in an area where there are no gas lines, you can easily bury a propane tank underground. Propane tanks are safe to bury out of sight and will also not disrupt your outdoor environment or take up space. 

Efficiency/Environmental Friendliness:


Propane is an extremely efficient and versatile fuel source. Propane furnaces typically have a 90% to 98% efficiency rating. Also, unlike oil, you can use propane to run your space heating, clothes dryer, water heating, appliances, backup power generators, and more. Using propane to heat all of these various home appliances will help you not only save on energy costs but also reduce emissions as well. Furthermore, using propane can help you save the earth because it does not use harmful greenhouse gases as other fuel sources might. In fact, the Clean Air Act of 1990 labeled propane a clean alternative fuel. 

How to Switch From Your Old Fuel Source to Propane:

Most household items are designed so they can easily be switched to propane. Some of the most commonly used items that are switched to propane include hot water heaters, stoves, generators, furnaces, and outdoor living related items such as pools. Consider following the tips below when making the switch from another fuel source to propane.

Oil to Propane: 

Switching from oil to propane involves contacting a trusted HVAC provider to perform the removal of your old heating system and the install of your new propane heating system. You will also need to have the oil tank removed from your property. After that, the new propane tank will be installed in your home. After the propane tank is installed, the tank should be connected to the propane line in your home. You just have to test the connection and your appliances will be ready for use! You’ll also want to cancel your service with the oil company so you don’t get charged unnecessary fees. 

Natural Gas to Propane:

Switching from natural gas to propane involves removing gas lines and converting your appliances to propane. You will want to turn off the gas of the appliance. After that, disconnect the item from the natural gas line and remove the natural gas burners. Next, screw on the new burners (for propane) onto the burner valves. Finally, you can connect the device to your propane line and adjust your burner settings. Switching to propane from natural gas requires special gas utilization fittings. The manufacturer often includes these fittings in the instruction manual. If the propane fitting is not included or you can’t find it, contact the manufacturer. Additionally, you’ll need to cancel with your existing natural gas supplier.

Electric to Propane:


Whether converting your entire home’s heating system from electric to propane or just a few appliances such as a dryer or hot water heater, it’s the right choice. Removing an electric furnace, hot water heater, or anything else that runs on electricity, involves getting a quote from a trusted HVAC company. Once you’re ready to get started with propane, a trusted propane company like Great Valley Propane can install propane lines and the right size tanks to fit your needs. The beauty about propane tanks is they come in all sizes. If you just need propane for one small appliance, propane can help! Also, propane water heaters can help you save costs in the long run because they cost less to operate and recover water faster than electric water heaters. 

Best Time to Switch to Propane:


The best time to switch to propane is in the late Spring, Summer, or early Fall. You do not want to wait until winter to make the switch because propane is your source of heat during the Winter. The last thing you want is no source of heat during the coldest days of the year. The warmer months are the best time to schedule projects with HVAC companies and propane companies as their schedules are usually more open and they offer decreased rates for the “off-season.” 

Switching to propane is very easy with the help of qualified professionals. You will also save lots of money in the long run since propane is efficient and helps save energy. For best results, call a qualified technician for help with appliance conversions and a full evaluation of your home before getting started.

 The Great Valley Propane Advantage:

Here at Great Valley Propane (GVP), our team of experts is a well-qualified source for all your propane needs including guidance, products, and services. We will make the process of switching to propane extremely easy for you, getting the job done from start to finish and answering any questions you have along the way. 

We can install any size tank in less than a day and get you up and running in no time! If you are ready to make the switch to propane, don’t wait another minute. Contact our office today to discuss the best option for you.