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The Benefits of Using a Propane Pool Heater

Nothing says Summer like diving into a warm swimming pool for some fun in the sun.  However, investing in a pool can be an expensive decision for homeowners. That is why it is so important to be able to use your swimming pool for as many months out of the year as you can. The best way to do that is to install a propane pool heater to keep your pool warm even when the weather is a little cooler. There are various advantages to choosing a propane swimming pool heater as opposed to a traditional, electric unit. 

Advantages of Propane Pool Heaters


  1. Using propane will help you save the environment. Propane is the more eco-friendly choice that helps you save energy and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
  2. Propane-powered heaters have been proven to heat pools faster than traditional, electric heat pumps. Propane heaters use more precise temperature measurements to heat your pool. Also, heat pumps have slower recovery times since they raise temperatures by longer run cycles. A properly sized gas heater will raise the temperature to the level you want at a much faster rate than a heat pump.
  3. Propane uses less fuel to heat your swimming pool since it is richer in energy than natural gas.
  4. Unlike heat pumps, propane-powered heaters are able to heat your pool even on the colder days and nights. Heat pumps need hot and humid temperatures in order to transfer that energy from the air to the swimming pool. Therefore, propane can maintain heat better on the colder days.
  5. They are available in all different sizes and colors. They can also be placed above ground or underground.

Sizing Your Heater


It is important to remember that the size of the pool and surface area are vital components when figuring out the correct size for your pool heater. You also have to consider factors such as average wind speed, desired temperature rise, and the average ambient temperature. If a heater is too small for the pool, it might only add 5 to 10 degrees to the water. If the temperature on that day is cooler, the heater will heat the pool less. A larger sized heater can heat your swimming pool by 30 degrees, regardless of the wind speed or air temperature. Also, investing in a pool cover will shorten recovery time and make your pool heater more efficient.

How To Calculate What Pool Heater Size You Need:


  1. Calculate the pool’s surface area – Pool Width X Pool Length = Surface area (i.e 10  X 30 = 300)
  2. Divide the pool’s surface area by three. This gives you the minimum BTU size that you should use for that specific surface area ( i.e. 300/3 = 100).  In this example, the minimum recommended size heater will be 100,000 BTUs.

Before making your final decision, consider all the factors that may affect the efficiency of the heater including the climate, frequency of use, and whether you own a solar cover for the pool. Using a solar cover allows you to heat up your pool even faster so you might be able to use a smaller BTU heater. Using a propane-powered pool heater offers various advantages over traditional pool heaters. You will save money, save energy, and also help save the environment! 

Great Valley Propane Delivers Propane Year Round!


If you need propane for your new home or your pool, Great Valley Propane can deliver it year round! Thousands of homeowners love the benefits that come with a propane heated pool and we love to help them out. Our automatic delivery option ensures that you won’t run out of propane, even in the hot Summer heat.

Ready to enjoy your Summer with a heated pool? 

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