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The GVP Advantage


We treat our customers like good friends.

There’s an abundance of fuel companies that sell their customers on family values. But at Great Valley Propane, we live by these values every day. Why? Because we live where you live. We raise our kids here and always strive toward making our neighborhood a good one. That’s why you come first.

About Us

We have been in the heating and cooling business for over 30 years and started Great Valley Propane (GVP) in 2006, as the sister company to Haly Oil (now Haly Home Comfort). We started GVP when we saw that many of our oil customers also needed propane. We wanted to help our current customers and other propane users in our area by offering affordable propane with no hidden hazmat, delivery or miscellaneous fees. For our customers using both heating oil and propane, we offer our Dual Fuel Discount — $0.05/gal. off all their oil and LP deliveries. 

Sign-up to become a customer by filling out the form below. One of our professional customer service representatives will personally assist you in selecting the products and services that best fit your needs. Let us show you why GVP is second to none for all your propane needs.

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Constant Comfort Guarantee

Our automatic delivery customers benefit from our Constant Comfort Guarantee, which we pride ourselves on since it is the first of its kind in our industry. It is our promise to always stay on top of our automatic delivery customer’s delivery schedule and make sure that they never run out of fuel during the heating season (which runs from October 1st until April 30th). We are so committed to this, that if you do run out of fuel during the heating season, we will give you a $50 credit on your account.

Refer A Friend

We like to treat all of our customers like friends at Great Valley Propane. So, when you refer one of your friends to Haly Home Comfort or Great Valley Propane and they sign up for automatic delivery, you will both get a $100 credit on your account. You can see your $100 credits stack up by telling more than one friend, which is something a lot of our customers like to take advantage of, to help them save big time on their heating and cooling bills. Simply, fill out the form below to refer a friend and you will receive an email confirmation once the credits have been applied.